About Us

President               Jim Stephens
Vice President      Bob Hurren
Secretary               Lynne Tschirhart
Treasurer               Doug Muntz

Board Of Directors

Herman Kammerzell
Craig Humphries
Terry Garland
Joyce MacMillan
evin Pleiness
Kelly Marks
Grindstone-Port Hope Sportsmen's Club
6101 Huron City Road
Port Hope, Michigan 48468

Phone 989-428-4170
The Grindstone Sportsmen’s Club, was formed about 1948,
the original group met for a few years in bars, the
Grindstone Store, and occasionally in the Grindstone
School.  They later merged with the Port Hope group.
The present building of the Grindstone – Port Hope
Sportsmen’s Club, was once located in Lewisville, about 2 ½
miles south of its current location.  The building was facing
south onto Kinde Road, next to the Lewisville Bar and was
used as a dance hall.
In 1950, the sportsman's group, purchased the dance hall for
$1800.00.  After replacing 19 joists in the floor to make it
safe, they held their first Hunter's Ball and earned
approximately $3000.00, which was more than enough to
pay for the building.  In 1973, the building was moved to its
current location on Huron City Road.
Women attended meetings and held office while the building
was in Lewisville, but were not given the right to vote or
become members until 1974.
The first written by-laws, consisting of Nineteen Articles,
were duly adopted at a regular meeting, on January 31,
1955.  The By-Laws, were signed by the President,
Sylvester Inda, Vice President, Frank Peck and
Secretary/Treasurer, Kenneth Perdue.  The Club was
incorporated in 1959.
This information was given by Walter Reinke and Walter Perdue (charter members) on 7/24/1994,
to Marla Kriewall, who was serving on the board at that time.
Grindstone-Port Hope
Sportsmen's Club