Calendar Of Events
The Grindstone-Port Hope Sportsmen's Club
is a non-profit
operated organization. Everything that happens at the club is due
to the efforts of our generous members.
Steak Fry
1st Saturday of each month

Porterhouse or pork steak, salad bar,
potatoes, vegetable, fried onions, fresh
baked bread, desserts and coffee.
Steak dinners are $14.00 and pork steak
dinner is $9.00
Salad bar only $6.00
5:00 PM - 8:00 PM
based as it sits locked up.  
Real Estate Taxes
(includes trash pick-up)
Grounds upkeep  
Equipment - various pieces
(health dept)
Detroit Edison
(Gun range)
(bond for treasurer)
Surveillance monitors        
Safe deposit box rent
Board member stipends
MUCC membership
Office supplies         
(Ink cartridges)
Now you have some idea
Of why we are always requesting
donations. Food events and activities
do not cover all.  Be active in Your
Did you Know????
For sale here at the
Club is
Cookbooks by our
members $5.00
Ceiling tile $15.00
Gift certificates for meals
Hats with Club logo
Pull tab lottery tickets
☺ Application for kids to
Camp, T-shirts, Sweat
shirts, Key chains, Jack
knives, Window decals of
the Club patch
Thank You
Colleen Akens,  Tim / Kathy Anderson,  Roger
Anderson, Carl / Mary Atkinson, Larry Badgley, John
Belanger, Brandon / Jodi Bender, Andrew Boyea,
David / Mary Burkhard, Les & Dotty Burkhard, Richard /
Julie Craven, Cathy Discher, Rosemary Coulter, Ric /
Rochelle Fewer, Tida
Finan, Ken / Tracie Friedland, Yvonne Fuhrman, Bill
Galloway, Earl & Pauline Ginther, Mike / Linda
Goeschel, Bob Golochowicz, Pete Goniwicha, Ken
Griessel  Serena Gucwa, Mike / Paula Gust, Marty
Guza, Bill Haasw, John Harding & Alex, Jeff Harte, Jacj
Hettrick, Jimmy Hunley, Ed Ignash, Neil Iseler, Casey /
Tina Jahn, Ted Jayson, Paul Johnson, Theresa
Johnson, Keith / Theresa Kautz, Tom Kenning /
Melanie McCoy, Mike Kilpatrick, Janet Kittendorf, Tom
Kott, Dennis Kranz, John / Marla Kriewall, Art / Sharon
Kriewall, Dean / Julie Krumholz, Dan Kurkowski, Mike
Laczek, Luke / Myra LaFlamme, Harold / Elaine Lange,
Gary Lasko, Pat Lassman, Dawn Lawrence, Dana
Leopold, Dave / Lynn Lloyd, Duane / Renee Loxton,
Don / Joyce MacMillan, Julie Mahrle, Bob / Dolly Mayer,
Chum McAuley, Jim / Sue McFadden, Harold / Kay
McTaggart, Mary Lou Mendalski, Dodie / Rose Miller,
Tina Moeller, Roy Morley, Myron / Teresa Muter, Fred /
Joann Muter, Mitzie Muter, Everett Muter, Tommy Neely,
Doug / Joan Neumann, Jean Norton, Tom / Kate
Norton, Martin Oxendine, Al / Darla Pankow, Bob /
Sharon Perdue, Bill / Ellen Perdue, Don / Mary Lou
Peyerk, Denise Pionk, Rick / Andrea Piotter, Carole
Pleiness, Amy Reinke, Perry Reinke, Nancy Reinke,
Jeff / Susan Reinke, Delbert Roberts, Goldie
Robinson, Judy Roosen, Gary / Jean Rumbaugh,
Sander, Erwin Schave, Mike Schave, Travadon
Schave, John Schave Jr, Bob Schroeder, Dennis /
Michele Schroka, Dennis / Felicia Schulte, Fran / Nona
Schulte, Willy Schulte, Al Schumacher, Jeff Seader,
Randy Shelton, Jeff / Sonja Smaglinski, Mick / Terrie
Stocker, Bob Strozeski, Ryan Swartz, James Tandoc,
Tony Testolin, Don Thoms, Mark Tomlinson / Fay
Riehle, Peggy Tschirhart, Sharon Wahl, Tom Walsh,
Dave / Karen Wandrie, Betty
Weisenbach, Rich / Harriet Witherspoon, Gary Wize,
John / Joan Woodward, Dan / Janet Young, Ray
Young, Don / Kathy Zimmerman, Dennis / Karla Miller,
If this typist has missed anyone, I apologize, Let me
know .
TO   Our Members who are  Business Owners.

They are the members who  support  our Club by making a donation of money, for advertising on our
placemats used at the Club at all food activities and also as sponsors for our website.  
Members should try to patronize those people whenever  possible so they know you read what they  
have available in services they provide.  Read the place-mats when you are at the Club or go  onto the
website when you can to see  what is listed.
That is one of the unknown expenses of this Club that most never think of, but are expected to have,
this helps make our events more  visually appealing.
Fish Fry
October through April

The 3rd Friday of every month, join us for    
fried fish, salad bar, fresh baked bread,
desserts and coffee.
Adults $9.00
Children 5-12 $5.00
4:00 PM - 7:00PM
4th Sunday of each Month
There will not be a breakfast in December,
8 because of the Christmas holiday being
near the 4th Sunday

Breakfast will resume in January, 201

Menu includes: scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, hash
, scalloped potatoes, pancakes, French toast,
toast, milk, coffee, orange juice, tomato juice with fruits
and pastries

Adults $8.00         Children 5-12 $5.00
Serving 9:00am - 1:00pm